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Nursing Homes Abuse Blog By Jonathan Rosenfeld

Unexplained Bruising

Bruising for no reasonWhen family members visit a loved one in the nursing home, it is a time to bond with that loved one. No family member expects to see that a loved one has unknown bruising that appears to be signs of physical abuse or negligence. If there are visible bruises on a loved one, then it may be time to investigate the causes of unknown bruising. It is important to make sure that a loved one is not being the victim of physical abuse or that improperly trained staff members are working with your loved one. You can also get in touch with a nursing home lawyer to help you determine the cause of unknown bruising on your loved one.

The Responsibilities of Nursing Home Administrators

Nursing home administrators have a responsibility to ensure the well being of residents and make sure that they are protected at all times. When administrators do not take the time to carefully hire new employees in a nursing home, then individuals with a past history of domestic violence, crime or other negative behaviors may be let onto a staff. These types of individuals may be prone to use unlawful force or abuse when they are working with patients in a nursing home. A nursing home lawyer can research the case of your loved one to see whether an individual with a history of past violence is responsible for causing the bruises on your loved one. If so, then administrators may be liable in a claim of negligent hiring in your case.

In addition, other employees who notice bruising on your loved one have a responsibility to report these injuries to the appropriate administrators. If other employees knew of the abuse or failed to report these injuries after noticing them, then they may also be liable in a lawsuit.

Causes of Bruising on Nursing Home Residents

Bruising can be caused by intentional abuse or the negligence of employees in a facility. Here are some common ways that bruising is often caused on nursing home residents:

• Intentional abuse of employees

• Angered employees with a past history of violence

• Negligent hiring of administrators

• Dropping patients due to neglect

• Improper transitions of patients

• Use of improper exercises in physical therapy treatments for patients

• Sexual abuse

• Rough treatment by disgruntled employees

It is important to take steps to deal with bruising as soon as it is noticed. Some families make the mistake of dismissing bruising until a patient’s condition becomes extremely worsened. Do not wait until your loved one suffers from a broken bone or other serious injury before taking steps to report bruising. If you wish to have support in your case, then a nursing home lawyer can provide you with professional support during this time. It can also be helpful to work with a nursing home lawyer if you wish to obtain copies of your loved one’s medical records or perform other investigations of nursing home staff.

Speak with a Nursing Home Lawyer Who Can Assist You Today

A nursing home lawyer is ready to help you deal with filing a lawsuit against a nursing home for abusive behavior or neglect. Your loved one has the right to be free from neglect and other harmful behaviors of employees. Do not allow the administrators of a nursing home to persuade you that bruising is not a serious problem. Bruising is a very serious issue, and a nursing home must be held accountable for it. You can schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and extenuating circumstances with nursing home attorneys today.


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