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New Government Report Demonstrates Alarming Number Of Criminals Caring For Elderly In Nursing Homes

Posted in Nursing Home Staff

I had to do a double-take when I saw some nursing home staffing statistics referenced in a report released by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).  An alarming 92% of nursing homes across the country have at least one criminal– in one form or another– working at the facility. In calculating this disturbing statistic,… Continue Reading

$821,000 Awarded To Family Of Deceased Assisted Living Patient Who Wandered From Facility

Posted in Elopement & Wandering

The family of a 75-year-old dementia patient has recovered $821,000 in a recent wrongful death trial against the assisted living facility where she was a resident as well as the facilities parent companies.  The lawsuit alleged that the facility was negligent in looking after the resident who had a history of wandering episodes.  In this… Continue Reading

Call Alarm At An Independent Living Facility Goes Ignored & Alleged To Contribute To Death Of Patient

Posted in Litigation

Many facilities offer multiple levels of care depending on the needs of the patient: skilled nursing care, assisted living and independent living options.  The variety of services can be great for patients who may desire to remain at a facility for an extended period of time.  If, and when, the patient requires more assistance they… Continue Reading

As Assisted Living Facilities Add Skilled Nursing To Their Repertoire, Is This Really A Move To Improve Patient Care Or Simply An Attempt To Cover More Of The Market?

Posted in Assisted Living Facilities

One of the emerging trends I’ve noticed in the senior care industry is how many assisted living facilities have added skilled nursing care to the services offered by the facility.  Many facilities promote the additional skilled nursing care as an ‘aging in place’ alternative to an undesirable re-locating to a different facility when the need… Continue Reading

Did Assisted Living Facilities Neglect Result In Patient’s Impacted Bowel & Death?

Posted in Impacted Bowel, Sepsis

Well, according to a Tennessee jury, the answer to the above question is a resounding ‘yes’!  Evidence was presented to the jury regarding the circumstances that led up to the death of a resident at Celebration Way, a Tennessee assisted living facility in 2004 due to an intestinal obstruction and sepsis. Among the claims presented… Continue Reading

Insight On Nursing Homes From The Director Of An On-Line Community For Senior Care Professionals

Posted in Nursing Home Abuse

Today’s nursing home interview comes from Tom Ratcliff, co-founder of National Senior Living Providers Network which provides an on-line, interactive career-based community for senior care professionals.  Many thanks Tom! Who are you and what type of work do you do? NSLPN.com is an online community for professional senior care professionals: Independent Living, Assisted-Living, Skilled Nursing Homes,… Continue Reading

CNA Charged With The Rape Of An Elderly Woman In An Assisted Living Facility

Posted in Sexual Abuse & Assault

Douglas McGregor, a CNA at an assisted living facility for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, stands accused of raping a 71-year-old woman with whom he was to assist in dressing. According McGregor, the elderly woman was ‘tugging’ on his waist line and the button on his pants broke, thereby exposing his genitals because he wasn’t wearing… Continue Reading

Golden Living Partners With Microsoft To Help Manage Patient Medical Records

Posted in Assisted Living Facilities, Golden Living, National Nursing Home Issue & For-Profit Chains

Have you ever tried to read a nursing home patient’s chart?  Were you able to read everything?  If so, please shoot me an email, because I surely have a difficult time sorting through many entries in charts. A new collaboration between Golden Living and Microsoft may help to improve not just the legibility of medical… Continue Reading

Another Iowa Assisted Living Facility Chooses To Abandon Its License

Posted in Assisted Living Facilities

Right on the heels of Dubuque Retirement Community, formerly Iowa’s largest assisted living center, Jefferson Point Assisted Living Center has announced it will no longer operate as an ‘assisted living facility’.  Operators of Jefferson Point will now operate the facility as an apartment complex.  Residents who require medical assistance may elect to remain in the… Continue Reading

Pesky Government Regulations No Problem For Assisted Living Facility In Iowa

Posted in National Nursing Home Issue & For-Profit Chains

Dubuque Retirement Community was the largest assisted living center in Iowa.  It was run by Assisted Living Concepts, a Wisconsin for-profit-corporation that operates 216 care facilities in twenty states.  Now, Assisted Living Concepts has given up its assisted-living license on the troubled 116-resident facility. In its short two-year history as an assisted living center, Dubuque… Continue Reading

Settlement Reached With Hospital & Assisted-Living Facility In Case Involving Amputation Of Woman’s Legs

Posted in Litigation

Following a trial and appeal, the family of Alice Limbrick has reached a settlement with the assisted-living facility where she was a resident.  In the lawsuit (Roy Limbrick et al v. Mariner Health Care, Inc.), the deceased woman’s family claimed both the assisted living facility where she was a resident and a hospital where she… Continue Reading

Who Should Manage Administration Of Medication?

Posted in Medication Errors

The discussion on administration of medication at assisted living facilities at Inside Assisted Living, caught my attention.  Inside Assisted Living is an extremely useful blog dedicated to helping residents and their families transition into assisted living facilities.  A reader of the blog asked: ‘Ryan, my parents are now in an Assisted Living Community. I’ve been… Continue Reading

Assisted Living Fall Leads To Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Posted in Assisted Living Facilities, Chicago Nursing Homes & Other Communities Within Illinois, Nursing Home Falls

The family of an assisted living resident has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the facility. 83-year-old, Luveda Fern Kessler, fell and cut her leg as she got out of bed at her Laguna Hills assisted living apartment. Ms Kessler did as she had been told to do: Press a personal emergency response call button, according… Continue Reading

Study Shows Errors In Timing Of Administration Of Medication In Assisted Living Facilties

Posted in Medication Errors

According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, the likelihood of a medication error is low.  The authors of the study looked at 12 long-term care facilities in 3 states.  The results of the study are surprising considering that many long-term care facilities use aides who no formal training… Continue Reading

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