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Nursing Home Injury

Injuries in the Nursing HomeDiscovering that a loved one is suffering from a nursing home injury can be unsettling and overwhelming. Nursing home injuries are serious for their violation of the legal rights that are subscribed for residents under federal law, including the right to be treated with dignity, right to be free from restraints, right to be free from abuse and right to refuse specific medical treatments. When a loved one has suffered from nursing home injuries in violation of these legal rights, several types of compensation may be available. Family members may be able to recover damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost income, disfigurement and loss of a normal life. A wrongful death claim may also be filed in cases where residents have died following the suffering of nursing home injuries.

Common Nursing Home Injuries & Descriptions

There are common nursing home injuries that family members should understand so that they are able to recognize signs of these injuries. It is important for family members to realize that an injury to nursing home patient is actually a common occurrence, and that these injuries do happen in both state-run and private facilities. The following are common types of nursing home injuries for which nursing home staff or administrators may be liable:

Bed Sores: Patients have a right to receive care that does not involve the development of bed sores. Bed sores typically begin as small skin irritations and can develop into wounds and blood clots. Without proper medical treatment, bed sores can lead to severe illness or death. Limited mobility, dehydration, malnourishment, old age and incontinence can account for bed sores.
Falls: Falls in nursing homes cause many serious injuries and deaths every year. Falls can cause residents to suffer from fractures, broken bones, severe abrasions, concussions or even death in the event that a patient is not treated after a fall.
Medication Errors: Medication errors can cause severe injuries or deaths in patients. Medication errors arise due to the neglect of nursing home staff and administrators. This may involve a failure to administer medication to a patient at a specified time, or it may involve inadequate recordkeeping. Adverse drug reaction is also common when residents are taking multiple drugs at one time, and this is due to an insufficient care plan.
Unexplained Bruises, Cuts and Abrasions: These types of injuries are frequently the result of physical abuse. A resident may be the victim of abuse by a nursing home staff member or administrator.
Unexplained Bleeding: Unexplained bleeding can also arise due to abuse by a nursing home staff member or administrator.
Unexplained Illnesses: Unexplained illnesses also arise due to neglect and abuse of nursing home staff.

Duty of Care Owed to Prevent Nursing Home Injuries

Nursing home staff members have a duty of care to prevent injuries in residents; otherwise they may be liable for professional negligence. In the instance of bed sores, staff members should recognize which patients may be at risk for developing bed sores. Examples of patients would include disabled patients or those without the ability to move. Then, nursing home staff members must implement a care plan that is designed to protect residents from suffering from these types of injuries. Failure to create or follow this type of plan is a form of negligence.

Nursing Home Injury Lawyers Are Available to Assist You and Your Loved One

In your time of need, nursing home lawyers are available to help you. Nursing home lawyers can begin investigating an injury to nursing home patient and identifying the causes of injuries in the case of your loved one. Get in touch with nursing home lawyers who can provide you with support during this difficult time. The team at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has experience litigating and winning cases involving nursing home injuries involving all types of fact patterns. While there may be similarities in the cases we handle, it is our pledge to provide the hands on attention that your family deserves. Call us anytime for a free, no obligation case evaluation. (888) 424-5757


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