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New York Nursing Home Nurses Charged With Criminal Neglect

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Four employees of the Medford Multicare Center for Living in Suffolk, NY have been charged with criminal neglect and falsifying business records.  New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced the charges following six weeks of video surveillance at the nursing home in 2007.  The nurses are accused of failing to move and turn over a patient for up to seven hours at a time, denying the patient water and left him sitting in his own waste.  Felony charges were also filed relating to falsifying medical records claiming they administered heart medication when the nursing home was actually had the medication out of stock.  The nurses were released without bail and are due back in court on March 20. Read more about this case involving alleged nursing home neglect here.

Failing to turn a patient and skipping a dosage of medication may seem like minor variations and have little impact on patient care.  The reality is that these seemingly minor deficiencies can have tragic results.  Failing to clean and turn a bed bound patient can lead to the rapid development pf pressure sores.  Similarly, failing to administer medication may result in other medical problems.  Once again, perhaps ‘hidden cameras’ should become the norm in nursing homes to both protect patients and vindicate wrongfully charged nursing home staff.

  • Barbara

    Why did the Dept. of Health allow this alleged abuse to continue for 10 months if it was so abusive?
    Why were video clips of abuse from other nursing homes connected to the Medford story?

  • Timothy Rigney

    In my opinion, the problems at Medford Multicare are indeed serious and widespread. A perfect example is the time we discovered that they had left the dressing off of my mother’s Stage IV bedsore (which she received at North Shore University Hospital) and it became contaminated with infectious fecal material. We complained and yet our complaint was not taken seriously enough, and then we checked the next day to ensure that it hadn’t happened again – and – yes, we were shocked to find that this had happened twice in a row – her bedsore was once again contaminated with infectious feces. I feel strongly that our concerns were not addressed effectively afterwards; they should have been OUTRAGED over this and yet they simply obfuscated and tried to “make it out like it wasn’t so bad.” Instead of trying to fix this serious situation, they tried to minimize it and place the blame elsewhere. They ended up having a “workshop” for their nurses in order to explain to them that it’s not acceptable to allow Stage IV bedsores to become infected with feces two days in a row. One star nursing facility? They don’t deserve even *one* star after an incident like this. And, yes, there were other serious problems.

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