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Sunrise Senior Living Nursing Homes

Posted in National Nursing Home Issue & For-Profit Chains, Sunrise Senior Living

Since 1981, Sunrise Senior Living has been providing health care to seniors and those in need of assisted living. Now Sunrise is an international company with over 31,000 units in three countries: the U.S., Canada and the UK. They are based in McLean, Virginia and offer a variety of healthcare facilities. Locations Around the world,… Continue Reading

Should you allow your loved one to remain in a nursing home or assisted living facility after disturbing care is discovered?

Posted in Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Home Abuse, Sunrise Senior Living

Photo of patient allegedly abused from court file via nj.com It seems like rarely a day goes by when I’m asked by families, “where should I put my loved one” following an incident involving an injury or abusive event. Like most decisions related to caring for a loved one, the decision on what to do… Continue Reading

Criminal & Civil Charges Brought Against Sunrise Facility After Videotaped Abuse

Posted in Sunrise Senior Living

The family of a Pennsylvania assisted living patient has initiated a civil lawsuit against Sunrise Senior Living, a popular chain of assisted living facilities, after a hidden video demonstrated that three employees at the facility were abusing their 78-year-old mother. The family installed the hidden camera after they suspected that their mother was being mistreated at… Continue Reading

Sunrise Targets Veterans Who Qualify For Government Benefits For Assisted Living

Posted in Assisted Living Facilities, Sunrise Senior Living

First of all, a very respectful happy Veteran’s Day to all members of our armed service.  Certainly, the contributions and sacrifices made in defense of our country deserve the support and admiration from all citizens. In the spirit of Veteran’s day, I though it would be appropriate to discuss a recent article I came across… Continue Reading

Sunrise Cited For Neglect After Assisted Living Facility Fails To Provide Timely Treatment For An Injured Resident

Posted in Sunrise Senior Living

Officials at the Minnesota Department of Health have cited a Sunrise Senior Living facility in Rochester, MN for improper care after the facility failed to provide medical attention to a patient who was visibly injured in an altercation with another patient.  According to the department of health investigation, a resident sustained a bruise to his… Continue Reading

Investigation Determines Serious Safety Violations At Sunrise Assisted Living Facilities That Threaten Patient Safety

Posted in Sunrise Senior Living

The Georgia Department of Human Resources has been busy investigating serious safety infractions at several Sunrise Senior Living facilities in the Atlanta, GA metro area.  According to an investigation initiated by CBS Atlanta News, problems abound at this national chain of assisted living facilities. CBS Atlanta News began to scrutinize patient care at Sunrise facilities… Continue Reading

Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit Claims Sunrise Senior Living Failed To Supervise Resident During Field Trip

Posted in Chicago Nursing Homes & Other Communities Within Illinois, Sunrise Senior Living

The family of a Sunrise Senior Living resident has filed a lawsuit against the company for their failure to supervise the woman during an outing with the facilities activity director.  The lawsuit alleges that on December 2, 2007, Margaret McCauley went with other residents to a concert at a Chicago-area high school.  During the concert… Continue Reading

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