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How Do I Begin The Search For Care Options?

Posted in Help For Residents & Families

I’ve been focusing some recent Nursing Homes Abuse Blog entries regarding using various web resources for the selection of a nursing home or assisted living facility.  We’ve spent a fair amount of time discussing the resources available via: states’ Department of Health, court websites and medicare, but there are many privately run sites that provide… Continue Reading

Nursing Home Ombudsman Honored For Dedication To Seniors In Illinois

Posted in Chicago Nursing Homes & Other Communities Within Illinois, Help For Residents & Families

I think anyone who reads a recent article by Dean Olsen in The State Journal Register will likely be left with the feeling that the world is a better place due to people like Olga Perry.  Hardly a household name, Ms. Perry is one the the thousands of mainly volunteer ombudsman across the country who… Continue Reading

New Website Provides A One-Stop-Shop For Families In Need Of Assistance Selecting A Nursing Home

Posted in Chicago Nursing Homes & Other Communities Within Illinois, Help For Residents & Families

I’m all for any tools that can help families make important decisions relating to nursing home care.  Too often I see families walking around with huge stacks of reports on nursing homes from various websites.  Not only is the the cross-referencing of websites difficult, much of the information is not current. The best site I’ve… Continue Reading

South Carolina Creates New Department To Investigate Suspicious Nursing Home Deaths

Posted in Help For Residents & Families, Nursing Home Abuse

One of the more sobering parts of my job is when I tell someone about a nursing home negligence case that I’m working on–  only to get a response of ‘so what’ or the ever compassionate ‘that guy was going to die anyway’.  Of course, death is an inevitable part of life, but older people… Continue Reading

Nursing Homes Abuse Blog Featured On ‘Ask Mr. Eldercare’ Radio Program

Posted in Help For Residents & Families, Medicare

Last week, I had the honor of being invited to Martin Sabel’s, a/k/a Mr. Eldercare, radio program, ‘Ask Mr. Eldercare’ to discuss the new Medicare rating system for nursing homes.  It was great fun to discuss this new development in nursing home care with such a knowledgeable man.  Martin has helped thousands of families handle… Continue Reading

Nursing Home Rating System Reveals Inferior Care Provided At For-Profit Facilities

Posted in Help For Residents & Families

Up and running.  Today the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) revealed its much anticipated website that provides nursing home ratings on a starred system–similar to restaurant and hotels.  The website actually provides three type of ratings for nursing homes throughout the country–based on overall quality, staffing and health inspections, plus and overall score.  Each section is scored on… Continue Reading

Checking On Your Nursing Home: Step By Step How To

Posted in Help For Residents & Families

<img src="http://www.blawg.com/claimscript.aspx?userid=goose575&LinksID=8012"> Why reinvent the wheel? Trying to find more information about your nursing home?  This is an excellent ‘how to’ by Professor Hanns Peiper from the University of Evansville.  Below is an except from Professor Peiper’s article in the Evansville Courrier & Press. Following is a set of steps that will get you helpful… Continue Reading

Where To Report Elder Abuse

Posted in Help For Residents & Families

If you suspect an elderly friend or relative is the victim of abuse or neglect, it is important to report the episode to authorities.  Making reports to the proper agency does three important things:  Alerts authorities to current situation and allows them to get your loved one to safety. Creates a records of the incident… Continue Reading

Health Care Worker Registry

Posted in Help For Residents & Families

"No health care employer shall hire, employ, or retain any individual who has a disqualifying conviction or an administrative finding of abuse, neglect or theft pursuant to 42 CFR Section 483.13 and 225 ILCS 46/25" Ever wonder how you can check on the staff at a nursing home or a home care-giver?  The Illinois Department… Continue Reading

The Worst Nursing Homes In America

Posted in Help For Residents & Families

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have recently released a listing of sub-standard nursing homes.  Nursing homes rely on government payments for approximately 80% of their budget, the potential loss of funding effectively forces them out of business.  In order to continue to receive government funding from Medicare and Medicaid, nursing homes are… Continue Reading

Celebrities Join To Support Nusing Home Awareness

Posted in Help For Residents & Families

What do the following celebrities have in common? Ed Asner Art Linkletter Michael Reagan LAPD Police Chief William Bratton L.A. Public Health Director Jonathan Fielding Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen The above celebrities have joined together together to produce a documentary to bring issues affecting the elderly into the limelight.  They have formed a group… Continue Reading

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