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Patients Who Wander Require Special Care From Facilities

Posted in Elopement & Wandering

Elderly patients who have conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other mental disorders that cause confusion and memory loss have the tendency to wander aimlessly. The act of wandering has been known to contribute to some cases of elderly persons walking aimlessly outside of the facility and disappearing without a trace. Generally, wandering results… Continue Reading

Hypothermia Death Demonstrates Dangers Of Wandering Episodes During Winter

Posted in Elopement & Wandering

While most people are spending their days bundled up to avoid the cold, some senior citizens may be walking outside in below-freezing temperatures because of confusion. In fact, over a three-day stretch, the cold has been blamed for several area deaths. According to Dr. Walter Hofman – the Montgomery County Coroner – an 84-year-old woman… Continue Reading

Assisted Living Resident Wanders To Her Death

Posted in Assisted Living Facilities, Elopement & Wandering

Very few cases frustrate me more than when a patient wanders from the safety of a nursing home or assisted living facility to encounter an situation that they are ill-equipped for resulting in a serious injury or their death. The overwhelming majority of individuals involved in these episodes are people with advanced cases of dementia… Continue Reading

Alzheimer’s Patients Wanders Blocks To His Death

Posted in Dementia / Alzheimer's Patients, Elopement & Wandering

When it comes to caring for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s, one of the most significant threats to the patient remains– themselves.  Yes, we spend a good amount of time here discussing how outside influences– poor care, mistreatment perpetuated by other residents, a medication mix-up ect. can impact the well-being of nursing home patients.  However,… Continue Reading

Wandering Episode At Assisted Living Facility Highlights Prevailing Theme: Greed

Posted in Assisted Living Facilities, Elopement & Wandering

It seems like we’ve been discussing a lot of incidents at assisted living facilities recently.  Certainly, it’s not because we’ve run out of nursing home topics. The prevailing discussion is primarily due to the expansion of the role that assisted living facilities in the senior care market.  Today, the emergence of assisted living facilities is… Continue Reading

Assisted Living Facility Blamed For Death Of Resident Who Was Struck By Car

Posted in Elopement & Wandering, Litigation, Nursing Home Injury

At the heart of many allegations of negligence involving assisted living facilities is an underlying presumption that the facilities failure to properly supervise a resident resulted in an injury to a patient. Supervisory issues take center stage in many cases because the need for additional supervision is a primary reason why many people seek out… Continue Reading

Man Wanders From Illinois Nursing Home With Dangerous Track Record Of Patient Care

Posted in Elopement & Wandering

While any medical facility— including nursing homes– can have episodes involving poor care and patient injury, my personal experience is that the overwhelming majority of nursing home injury cases involve a more pervasive problem at the facility that goes far beyond an sporadic misstep by a staff member. The fact that most nursing home patients… Continue Reading

History Of Errors Discovered At Illinois Nursing Home Where Patient Wandered To His Death

Posted in Elopement & Wandering

It seems like the staff at Midwest Rehabilitation & Respiratory Care in Belleville, IL needs a refresher course in caring for patients with a propensity to wander. Last month the facility made headlines when a 77-year-old dementia patient wandered a short distance from the facility and died due to exposure to the elements. Now, following… Continue Reading

Illinois Officials Begin Examination of Nursing Home Procedures Following Elopement Of Alzheimer’s Patient

Posted in Dementia / Alzheimer's Patients, Elopement & Wandering

The Chicago area has been struck by a snap of arctic weather lately.  It’s the kind of weather that quickly brings a chill to every part of your body regardless of how quickly you can do what needs to be done and get back to a warm area. When I read news clippings about a… Continue Reading

Nursing Home’s Conduct In Wrongful Death Case Angers Jury—- To The Tune Of $200 Million

Posted in Elopement & Wandering, Litigation, Wrongful Death

After hearing the evidence in a wrongful death lawsuit involving an elderly woman’s fall at a Florida Nursing Home, a jury became so enraged by the conduct of the facility— that they chose to punish them the only way they could– by handing down a huge verdict against the facility. The trial centered around the… Continue Reading

Investigation Initiated After Suspicious Nursing Home Death, Involving Patient Wandering and Drowning

Posted in Elopement & Wandering

                                                Sometime during the night of November 3rd., 43-year-old Hong Lin wandered from the Trempealeau County Health Care Center in Whitehall, Wisconsin. Police spent the next three weeks combing the surrounding woods with K-9 units, trying to track Lin’s scent. A hunter found Lin in the nearby Trempealeau River on Sunday, November 27. How… Continue Reading

Nursing Home Spotlight: Emeritus at Prospect Heights; Prospect Heights, IL

Posted in Chicago Nursing Homes & Other Communities Within Illinois, Elopement & Wandering

                                                On June 9, 2011, the Illinois Department of Health issued a “Type A” violation and $25,000 fine against the Emeritus at Prospect Heights Nursing Home, in Prospect Heights, Illinois. The sanctions are in response to an incident that occurred on February 22, where a male resident wandered out of the home and was struck and… Continue Reading

Too Little, Too Late. Nursing Home Submits Corrective Plan After Disabled Patient Wanders From Facility To His Death

Posted in Elopement & Wandering

One of the most basic safeguards a nursing home can implement to protect its patients — regardless of the patients overall condition— is to have staff available to supervise and periodically check on patients while they are actively engaged in activities as well as when they are resting. While some activities may command supervision from… Continue Reading

Criminal Charges Brought Against Nursing Home Workers Who Allowed Resident To Freeze To Death

Posted in Dementia / Alzheimer's Patients, Elopement & Wandering

  Criminal charges have been brought against three nursing home workers on duty the night an Alzheimer’s patient wandered from Texas nursing home to his death.  The three were employed in various capacities at a facility known as Tumbleweed Nursing Home on the evening of February 3rd of this year. Surveillance video from the nursing… Continue Reading

Breakdown In Care At Assisted Living Facility Proves More Deadly Than Patient’s Dementia

Posted in Assisted Living Facilities, Elopement & Wandering

For three years, the family of 85-year-old Aurora Navas ( a dementia patient) unsuccessfully sought information about her drowning death at an assisted living facility in Florida.  Even after pleading with regulatory agencies for an investigation into why their mother drowned, their pleas for the details surrounding their mother’s death fell on deaf ears. Then,… Continue Reading

State Fines Nursing Home Where Patients Drowns In Puddle In Front Of Facility

Posted in Dementia / Alzheimer's Patients, Elopement & Wandering

Wandering in a potentially deadly problem for nursing home patients with dementia and other medical conditions that make them unable to appreciate the dangers around them. While not a common problem, wandering from nursing homes puts particularly vulnerable patients at risk for harming themselves when they find themselves in the outside world with no one… Continue Reading

Nursing Home Cover-Up: NY Aides Lied About Doing Their Jobs

Posted in Elopement & Wandering

As a nursing home lawyer, I spend a lot of time reviewing patient charts.  Particularly when it comes to evaluating cases, a thorough review of medical records is crucial for determining the important questions: Who? What? Why?  When? Occasionally, my chart reviews reveal more than I expect when: medication charts reveal that medication was administered… Continue Reading

Judge Denies Assisted Living Facilities Request For Arbitration In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Posted in Assisted Living Facilities, Elopement & Wandering, Litigation

Like all families placing a loved one in a nursing home, Erik and Ronald Kuentzel wanted the best for their mother after selecting Sunshine Villa Assisted Living Facility (Santa Cruz, California) for their mother’s residence.  With a known desire to walk, combined with the fact their their mother had dementia, the brothers knew of the… Continue Reading

Lack Of Door Alarms Allows Assisted Living Patient To Wander To Her Death

Posted in Assisted Living Facilities, Elopement & Wandering

Another unnecessary death of an assisted living patient grabbed my attention in Greensboro, North Carolina.  News reports indicate 85-year-old Edith Purvis walked out the side-door at a Loyalton Assisted Living facility on December 24th.  She wasn’t discovered missing until staff at the facility conducted a routine bed check. Ms. Purvis wasn’t located until several hours… Continue Reading

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleges That An Emertus Assisted Living Facilities Gross Neglect Of Dementia Patient Results In Death

Posted in Assisted Living Facilities, Elopement & Wandering, Wrongful Death

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Ridgeland Assisted Living (Mississippi) and its parent company Emeritus Corporation following an incidnet at the facility when a dementia patient fell from a second story window. The lawsuit, filed by the daughter of the deceased resident, claims that despite multiple assurances from the facility, they failed to… Continue Reading

$821,000 Awarded To Family Of Deceased Assisted Living Patient Who Wandered From Facility

Posted in Elopement & Wandering

The family of a 75-year-old dementia patient has recovered $821,000 in a recent wrongful death trial against the assisted living facility where she was a resident as well as the facilities parent companies.  The lawsuit alleged that the facility was negligent in looking after the resident who had a history of wandering episodes.  In this… Continue Reading

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Ensues After Nursing Home Patient Is Struck By A Freight Train

Posted in Elopement & Wandering

The family of a deceased nursing home patient has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Hunter Acres Caring Center and other affiliated entities.  The lawsuit comes after a March 18, 2010 incident in which the patient wandered from the Missouri nursing home onto the nearby train track where she was struck and killed by a… Continue Reading

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