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Battery – A beating, or wrongful physical violence. The actual threat to use force is an “assault;” the use of it is a battery, which usually includes an assault. Bed alarm –  A notification system that alerts others when a person gets out of bed. Bed sore – (Bedsore) Wounds on the body primarily caused… Continue Reading


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Objection – The process by which one party takes exception to some statement or procedure. An objection is either sustained (allowed) or overruled by the judge. Opinion – A judge’s written explanation of a decision of the court or of a majority of judges. A dissenting opinion disagrees with the majority opinion because of the… Continue Reading

Glossary of Legal Terms

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Jump to:   A   •   B   •   C   •   D   •   E   •   F   •   G   •   H   •   I   •   J   •   K   •   L   •   M   •   N   •   O   •   P   •   Q   •   R   •   S   •   T   •   U   •   V   •   W A Back to top Acute care – A… Continue Reading

Bed Sores / Pressure Sores / Pressure Ulcers / Decubitus Ulcers

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A bed sore (also known as: pressure sore, pressure ulcer, or decubitus ulcer) is caused by unrelieved pressure on bony prominences of the body. Over time, the unrelieved pressure restricts necessary blood circulation to the skin and tissue resulting in the death of the tissue and the surrounding muscle.  What may begin as a small… Continue Reading

Jurors Recognize The Sad Emblem Of Nursing Home Neglect: Pressure Sores

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One of the more difficult social responsibilities that we have is serving on a jury.  In addition to the obvious inconvenience and time away from family and work responsibilities, jurors have the difficult task of determining who to believe in a situation where completely contradictory explanations of an incident are being offered.   At most… Continue Reading

Family Sues Illinois Nursing Home Over Relative’s Death Related To Bed Sores & Infection

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                                          [Caption: The VIP Manor nursing home is one of 35 care centers managed by Cypress Health Care.] The family of a deceased Illinois man is suing the VIP Manor nursing home in Wood River, saying the facility was responsible for their family member’s death. The Madison-St Clair Record reports that Thomas Woodward, 52, was… Continue Reading

Pressure Sores Continue To Be A Viscious Sign Of Neglect At Medical Facilities

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Contrary to what some medical facilities suggest, the development of pressure sores during an admission to a facility is not an inevitable part of getting older or something that simply coincides with some medical conditions.  Rather, pressure sores are overwhelmingly the result of inattentive care on the part of the facility. After all, the prevention… Continue Reading

Gangrene & Osteomyelitis Cited In Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Nursing Home

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The Journal Carrier reported on a recently filed Illinois lawsuit against Jacksonville Convalescent Center involving the death of an 87-year-old man at the facility.  According to reports, the lawsuit was filed based on the poor care provided by the nursing home contributed to the patients death. Despite having multiple medical conditions such as: prior strokes,… Continue Reading

Bed Sores: Not Just A Pain In The Butt– More Like An Uncontrollable Killer

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  Pressure sores (also referred to as bed sores, pressure ulcers, or decubitus ulcers) are an all too common and painful problem for nursing home residents.   Most pressure sores are preventable and are caused by faulty care where the nursing home or hospital does provide adequate care to prevent and treat bed sores.  Patients vulnerable to developing pressure sores are the elderly, people who are bedridden, and people with… Continue Reading

Under-Staffing & Under-Funding Alleged In Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit Where Patient Developed Bed Sores

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‘Under-staffing’ and ‘under-funding’ are just several of the underlying reasons alleged to contribute to the development of a patient’s bed sores (or decubitus ulcers, pressure ulcers or pressure sores) during an admission to a Missouri nursing home. The nursing home negligence lawsuit, filed by my colleague Attorney David Terry, is filed on behalf of a… Continue Reading

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